Parliaments of Albania and Kosovo to Sign Cooperation Accord

The parliaments of Albania and Kosovo will sign a parliamentary cooperation agreement. Speakers Glauk Konjufca and Lindita Nikolla agreed in Pristina where Albania's Speaker was on Wednesday on an official visit to Kosovo, the first visit abroad after being elected to this post. During the meeting with Prime Minister Albin Kurti, Speaker Nikolla congratulated him on his task and success in realizing his vision for a better future for the citizens. She thanked the Prime Minister for the assistance provided by the state of Kosovo to Albania to cope with the consequences of the earthquake and for the latest assistance in extinguishing the fires.

Nikolla noted that the coordination of work and joint action with the Assembly of Kosovo will be one of the priorities of her duty as Speaker of the Parliament of Albania. She underlined that she will promote the excellent fraternal cooperation between the two governments and counterpart institutions of Albania and Kosovo.

Prime Minister Kurti congratulated Mrs. Nikolla for the election as the Speaker of the Parliament of Albania and agreed that the cooperation should be intensified, because there are all possibilities to take the step as a nation and that the preparations for holding a joint meeting between the two governments should be accelerated.

The recent tensions in the north of Kosovo that started after the implementation of the decision for equipment with temporary license plates for vehicles bearing Serbian license plates and entering the territory of the Republic of Kosovo were also discussed. /