Part of Afghan Refugees Will Stay and Work for Ever in Albania

Prime Minister Edi Rama has revealed that a part of the Afghans who were initially temporarily accommodated in Albania will stay forever in this country and work here. Asked by the correspondent of the daily 'Liberation' in an interview in Tirana, Luis Seiller, about Macron's statement that Albania will be paid for the reception of Afghan refugees, Rama answered coldly: 'This is untrue'.

The Albanian Prime Minister stated in the interview published on Monday that the US has offered official funding to Tirana for the establishment of refugee camps, but that this has not been accepted by the Albanian government. "Because the camps are dehumanizing and creating problems for the population," he said.

Rama has also acknowledged that Albania is developing a plan for their integration into society, starting with children. He added that not everyone will be given a visa to go to the US and some of them will always remain in the country.

"Some of them are journalists and technicians and we are looking at the possibility of integrating them in our media system," Rama revealed.

Criticism of Europe, which according to Rama has been held hostage to xenophobia and that its founding fathers would have been ashamed if they had seen it today, was also present in this interview. /