Pastor Wonders How a New Democrat MP Has Nothing to Say on 'Rama 3' Government

A brief comment by Pastor Paulin Vilajeti, which was triggered by a Democratic Party (DP) lawmaker who stated in the last parliamentary session that he hadc nothing to say about Premier Edi Rama's government in this parliament has been quickly spread on social networks. has said it all over the past 8 years.
"I heard an opposition MP saying about the majority: 'I have nothing to say about you, because I have said it all in the last 8 years"!
"You are right Mr. deputy. But who did force you to be an MP again since you have nothing to say?! Resign, because I will understand 1000 more times than using my taxes, and vegetating for 4 years in Parliament," noted Vilajeti on social networks on Saturday.
Mr. Paulin Vilajeti is a pastor at the "Albanian Christian Center" church. /