Pensioners: Abandoned, Despised and Humiliated in Albania

Prime Minister Edi Rama declared in the plenary session of Parliament on Thursday that he is committed to increasing pensions in the "second half" of his governing mandate, but hastened to tell 'grandfathers and grandmothers'', as he addressed them, that he was not making any promises!

Thus the sad story of the treatment of the elderly in Albania began in the early 90s by first Democratic Party President Sali Berisha, followed by Socialist Premier Fatos Nano and now by Edi Rama after 8 years of rule in Albania.

Regardless of the level of pensions, 'grandparents' are more regular in front of the ballot box, nor do they revolt that they are lied to even when the last bells ring to them.

As before they hope and expect for a pension fund growth finding it most 'comfortable' the promise than will it be carried out. Still, they 'make it halal' for their leaders to the 'impossibility' to be treated like any other section of the population in European countries. Meanwhile, the EU and the strategic ally, the USA, do not even show the least attention to pensioners. I am surprised because the foundations of power are shaken by the treatment of the elderly in their countries.

And the most weird thing is that all this representation with international  'humanitarian' organizations under all kinds of labels has had only praise for every government regarding the 'good administration' of the pension system in Albania. And when you ask them directly, they shrug their shoulders… !!!

However, it is important that the current Prime Minister is waiting for the most 'beautiful day of his life'… the increase of pensions.

The patient, obedient and partisanship pensioners encourage the Prime Minister to wait and rule during this mandate, the other one until he retires happily, but with an income that does not make his 'children and eyes cry'!