PM Rama Announces Opening of Vlora Airport to Facilitate Links with 'Fraternal' Italy

There will be an airport in Vlora, southern Albania, very soon which will make easier the opportunity to go to Italy without necessarily going to Tirana, said Albanian PM Edi Rama in the framework of his visit to Italy where he held a meeting with the president of the Puglia region, Michele Emilia on Saturday.

The visit focused on talks on the continuation of joint initiatives to take university cooperation to another level. "Thank you for the opportunity you gave us to talk to all the rectors to develop a dialogue that started with the wish that we can finalize in a reasonable time and take steps that can take us further this perfect relationship from a human point of view, but also from a political point of view," Rama was quoted as telling the president of the Puglia region.

Further on Rama said there is a good season of Italian ventures in Albania and vice versa. Regarding health, Prime Minister Rama informed that both countries are in a process that is very constructive and carries good opportunities for growth.

The Prime Minister requested the joint commitment regarding the fire situation of the three countries, Albania, Italy and Greece.

"I believe that we will have to think of something in common, not only with Italy, but also Greece. A few days ago I spoke with the Prime Minister of Greece to see the possibility of adding something else to our countries, the way of coping with summer with all the fires with such intensity," said Rama.

Albanian PM was also in Otranto to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the exodus of Albanians towards the Italian coastline on the eve of the fall of the communist regime.

Rama published a photo entitled: "Otranto,   Italy- The day of remembrance, gratitude, Italian-Albanian fraternity!"

Rama's father, who was a sculpture by profession, was a key figure in the leadership of the communist Parliament and Edi Rama himself was part of the so called block where the leading elite resided until the regime was overthrown. At that time Rama did not leave Albania in the frame of massive exodus but spent most of the years in France helped by friends of the former regime until Socialist Party came to power in 1997 after which his rising career started succeeding to eliminate his supporters like Fatos Nano, Ilir Meta etc.