Police Officer Shot Dead in Shoot Out with Drug Dealer

Aldi Rama is the suspected perpetrator of the event that shook Albania on Tuesday as the 21-year-old is suspected of shooting dead the police officer, Saimir Hoxha. After many hours of efforts, the police surrounded the area in Lezha, northern Albania, but at the time of the arrest the young man is suspected of attempting suicide by shooting himself. The police in the official announcement gives details that Aldo Rama was transported urgently to the hospital in critical condition.

The police officer, 44, was executed with a bullet in the heart. In the meantime an investigation is launched for colleagues for the way the 3 young men left.

Aldi Rama is a problematic person, previously convicted for narcotics cultivation and illegal possession of weapons. It is reported that Aldi Rama is originally from Librazhd, he lived alone with his grandmother and grandfather after his parents were divorced. The 21-year-old's mother lives in Greece, while his father is serving a prison sentence in the neighboring country.

Police officer Saimir Hoxha lost his life in the line of duty while conducting checks for cannabis that were cultivated by criminal groups in Lezha. / argumentum.al