President Ready for Swearing in Ceremony of ‘Rama 3’ Government, Praises Former PM Berisha

The situation of democracy in Albania is in a problematic state, but without any discussion it is much better than the catastrophic situation before April 25 in the absence of a constitutional and functional parliament and in the conditions of zero opposition in all major central and local institutions of the country,” said President Ilir Meta speaking to journalists in the southeastern city of Korca on Friday.

"So currently after April 25, however, there are opportunities for the full restoration of democracy, for a functioning democracy, for a functioning parliament, and that is our main goal and should be for all citizens for democracy to function, for their voice to be heard,” he said. Asked if he still stands by his statement that he would resign if Rama gets over 70 parliamentary seats, Meta said that, “now we are not here to interpret and take out of context what I said. I am here to respect the Constitution of the Republic of Albania and I did this even before April 25."

According to him, all his unusual protagonist role in the last 2 years has not been sought by Ilir Meta, but has been imposed in defense of democracy, in defense of the Constitution under the circumstances of abandonment of all institutions from the parliament, local government and everything else by the opposition, said Meta.

Asked if the intervention of ambassadors is a violation of sovereignty, Meta stressed that first of all sovereignty is respect for the will of citizens and there is no better defender of national sovereignty than the sovereign, the citizens themselves.

President Meta said he has been and is open to fulfill all constitutional obligations regarding the swearing-in process of the new government as the new parliament has already started work. "And of course the new government should start working as soon as possible and at the same time the control of the parliament over the government," said Meta.

Asked how he comments on the battle of Mr. Berisha for his return to Democratic Party (DP), Meta said that he did not want to deal with such issues because this is not his task. "Of course I cannot fail to say that Mr. "Berisha is like wine- the more time passes, the more tasty it becomes and the more democratic he becomes," said the Head of State.