‘Rama 3’ in Face of Hundreds of Criminal Charges for ‘Election Massacre’ in Albania

As Prime Minister Edi Rama introduced his new government cabinet, the so called ‘Rama 3’, the Chairman of the opposition Democratic Party (DP), Lulzim Basha has reacted by saying that "DP has filed hundreds of criminal charges for the election massacre."
"Justice cannot stand idly by as those who brought corruption to the level of state capture continue the old game with new dummies to the detriment of Albanian families," said Basha.
According to him, the destroyer of democratic coexistence, the author of the capture and criminalization of the state, impoverishment and depopulation of Albania, can recite to lie to himself, but Albanians cannot be lied about the electoral massacre.
"The fact that April 25 had nothing to do with democracy is confirmed by the OSCE / ODIHR,” said Basha who mentioned mass vote buying, pressure on voters, misuse of public assets to the advantage of the ruling party, increase of fictitious employment in the administration public, pressure on the administration, use of reconstruction funds to orient the vote, legalizations in exchange for the vote, theft of personal data to exert pressure and blackmail on citizens, use of criminal groups.
“For all these violations, the Democratic Party has filed hundreds of criminal charges in the SPAK and in the district prosecutor's offices for electoral crimes," said Basha.
"For the Democratic Party, the OSCE / ODIHR report is not only a confirmation of what we have denounced and that Albanians have experienced from this corrupt regime, which has killed the free vote and democracy with it,” he said, adding Albanians deserve the right to have a government that stems from their free will, not from the crime and corruption.

Rama, 57, won the April elections for a third term defeating DP’s Basha who did not resign despite the harsh pressure by large groups of Democrats. On the contrary, Basha reshaped the party appointing his closest collaborators in the main posts expelling all those who criticized him. /argumentum.al