Rama Promotes Power of Diplomacy Regarding Presevo Valley

Prime Minister Edi Rama in a meeting with students of the University of Prishtina focused on the rights of Albanians in the Presevo Valley on Monday.

Rama was in Pristina on a two- day visit where he held official talks with PM Albin Kurti and meetings with the representatives of the political scene of Kosovo.

Rama told the students that the power of diplomacy should be used to resolve the issues related to Albanians, a significant minority in Serbia. He said those who live in the Valley or those who are connected with it forget that Albanians live in Serbia when it comes to the relations between Serbia-Albania and Kosovo and  development of a constructive relationship. "It is about an important national minority, which needs dual support, from outside, from the government of Kosovo and that of Albania, but also an internal support of advancing the names that interest them." Rama noted that the diplomatic mechanism dealing with relations between Albanians and Serbia is inalienable.

"Due to its disregard comes the loss of one of the elements. We have taken some steps. We are in contact and you have made some facilitating efforts for communication between them. The right is that in the Valley there is a non-poor political life and there are people with will, with ambition who want to use politics to improve living conditions there. There is a lot to do, but one thing I am convinced that no matter how much we help externally, also due to the limited financial means we have, be it Albania or Kosovo, it is important to support them internally. We will work on all these plans, none of them is enough. We must use the power of diplomacy as much as possible," Rama said. / argumentum.al