Revelation: US Intended to Declare DP 'Non Grata' If Its Veteran Leader Berisha Wasn't Expelled

If the head of the Democratic Party (DP), Lulzim Basha did not expel the veteran Democratic leader, Sali Berisha from the parliamentary group, such a thing endangered the DP to be declared an unwanted organization by the US.
This unbelievable revelation was made by Democratic Party MP Agron Gjekmarkaj in a talk show on News 24 TV on Saturday evening.
"I am not exaggerating if I say that when Basha announced this decision he resembled a tragic character," said Gjekmarkaj, who is also a political analyst representing the right wing.
"I have received it with great sadness. Mr. Basha himself has received it with great sadness. The procedure followed left much to be desired, but if it were voted, everyone would vote against out of respect and role (of Berisha) in the history of Albania. Berisha has done very valuable honors to the country; it is a difficult decision taken by Basha. This decision has escaped the deputies, it has relieved them of a responsibility. Basha had two options: either to make this decision or to resign," he said after a meeting that Basha held with the heads of DP branches in Albania on Saturday.
"The DP was under dictat. If Basha resigned, another would come, risking that the DP would be declared an unwanted organization. It is impossible to come to power being in a clash with America. It was a dead end, the only one. The DP would enter a crisis and clash with the US thatwould increase the pressure on the DP. They (Americans) left an ultimatum in the office of the Democratic leader. It is a decision taken by a foreign country (the United States)," DP deputy said.
In conclusion Gjekmarkaj said it was wrong, but it was the right mistake. /