Rising Number of Covid Infected Children in Albania as Pandemic Spreads

The increase in cases with Covid in recent weeks is also reflected in the rise of coronavirus infections among children in Albania. Gjeorgjina Kuli, Head of the Infectious Pediatrics Service at the Hospital Center of the University of Tirana, spoke about how the situation is presented with the ages from infants to 15 years on Thursday. The cases are not serious, said doctor Kuli.

"There is an increase in the number of positive cases, but they do not present important signs that require hospitalization. Currently the average number of hospitalizations is 10-11 per day," she said

So far, according to figures administered since the outbreak of the pandemic, about 4 percent of all coronavirus-infected people have been children.

Vaccine contingent people should be vaccinated, said the head of the Infectious Pediatrics Service at QSUT, while drawing attention as the predominant virus this period of time is Covid. “So parents should not neglect any signs,” said the pediatrician.

In the meantime the Ministry of Health published the new COVID-19 data in Albania on Thursday. The official announcement says that there were 3 fatalities and 998 people were infected during the last 24 hours which shows a decrease compared to the previous day, where the country registered 1,079 cases.

Authorities and specialists keep making appeals to the citizens to get vaccinated but as it is witnessed the interest in the vaccination has dropped while there are no signs of the observation of the restrictions measures with people neglecting to wear masks or avoid public gatherings.

As Albania’s borders continue to stay open at the end of the tourist season other countries have closed theirs to Albanians, while the EU has removed Albania from the list of ‘safe countries’.

Some experts admit publicly that the government is not paying so much attention to the prevention of the spread of the pandemic which has got larger proportions as compared with the same time last year. / argumentum.al