Second Leg of Berisha's Anti- Basha Tour Will Be Fier on March 21

The historical leader of the Democratic Party (DP), Sali Berisha, has launched the action for the reform of the right wing political front in Albania. The initiative of former Prime Minister Berisha, called "Foltorja", aims at a more united, stronger, more open Democratic Party.

In the framework of this movement, it was announced that on September 21 at 18:00, Berisha will hold his meeting in  the city of Fier at the former University "Ufo". In the first meeting in Tirana, he made a series of accusations against both DP head Lulzim Bashal and Premier Edi Rama. Berisha revealed that his move will conclude with a referendum within the DP where members will vote on Basha's decision to expel him from the parliamentary group. Former Prime Minister Berisha has remained an independent MP after being expelled from the PD parliamentary group by Basha himself, but he demands that not only he, but all members of the PD speak of the decision. /