SMI Marks 17th Anniversary of Foundation Eyeing Better Future as Third Political Force

The leitmotif of the Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI) is European integration. This was declared by the deputy head of the Socialist Movement for Integration, Petrit Vasili on a talk show on a local TV on Monday. The occasion was the 17th anniversary of the foundation of SMI which was headed by Ilir Meta, the current president.

"I am happy because the first proposal for the opening of negotiations was put in November 2016, and the historic vote made the recommendation. Even when we forced the SP to open the integration, these have been our great principles," he said adding that European integration is blocked in order to keep Albanians isolated.

Vasili also focused on the actions of the SMI in the Albanian Parliament, whose work starts on September 10. According to him, the SMI will seek to uncover the electoral massacres of April 25, to reconstruct the Justice Reform, as well as the economy, which according to the number 2 of the SMI should be placed in the normal course.

SMI got 4 seats in the April 25 elections far from its expectations as it had 20 deputies in the previous Parliament. /