Socialist Financial Expert Recomends Growth of Taxation Level Up to at Least 20% in Albania

"The time has come to increase the level of taxation in Albania ... and, if it goes in coordination with what is happening in other countries, the tax rate, according to me, in Albania should be at least 20% and the progressiveness should be deepened."

This proposal was made by Ervin Bushati, the chairman of the Socialist Party branch of Tirana, who justified such a measure with the challenges that the country is going through, when everyone expects more from the state to face Covid-19 or global warming emergencies.

Bushati had a debate on a local TV on Friday with a business representative, the head of the Exporters Association, Alban Susi.

"To be honest I think that if we are going to continue with these challenges, with COVID - which seems to be going on, with emergencies coming from global warming - fires, floods that are becoming permanent, we definitely need  increase funds and the time has come to grow the level of taxation in Albania, "said Bushati, a former Finance Minister. /