SP’s Balla Confirms Albania in Pandemic Situation Being Afraid of in-person Meetings in Parliament

The chairman of the parliamentary group of the Socialist Party (SP), Taulant Balla proposed during the plenary session on Thursday that no unvaccinated deputy would be allowed to enter the parliamentary hall warning that Albania is in grave pandemic situation.

Regarding the proposal of the opposition Democratic Party (DP) to conduct the work in the commissions in-person and not ‘online’, Balla said that measure had been taken in accordance with the decisions of the WHO as Albania is in a period of pandemic.

"What I want to clarify is what we discussed at the conference of chairmen. What I want to clarify here is the discussion we have had and the most important point is that we have agreed that the parliament should set a deadline within which no unvaccinated MP will enter the Albanian Parliament. This is a strong message given to the public," he said.

"In terms of decision-making, Albania is in a situation of a pandemic. Relevant order of a deputy, the Minister of Health, says that Albania is in a state of pandemic. As such the Albanian Parliament should be an example of decisions taken by the Committee of Experts," said Balla.

However, the SP top deputy avoided any reference about places like schools where more than 1000 students can gather in one space with classrooms where more than 32 pupils attend classes. Aren’t schools part of the system of the pandemic in Albania or the health of the deputies is more ‘precious and sacred’ than those of teachers and youngsters? / argumentum.al