Support to Kosovo Government Decision from Albanians in Presevo Valley

The President of the Albanian National Council (ANC) in Serbia, Ragmi Mustafi announced Thursday that Belgrade authorities have filed a lawsuit against him for displaying Albanian national flag in his Office.

Mustafi said as quoted by Gazeta express that the lawsuit is politically motivated and was filed in retaliation of the Kosovo Government decision to introduce reciprocity with Serbia on vehicle plates. He said that use of national flags by Albanians living in Serbia is legitimate.

“As other national minorities in the region use their symbols, also Albanians in Serbia will continue using their national symbols. No regime can deprive us from this right,” Mustafi said.

According to the ANC President, the lawsuit proves that pressure and political and legal prosecution of Albanians by the Government of Belgrade continues. He also urged Albania and Kosovo to react and inform international diplomats on pressures and discrimination of the Albanians living in Serbia.

Mustafi said on September 21 that the Albanians of Presevo Valley hailed the decision of the Kosovo government to take the reciprocity measure against Serbia.

"Any action which strengthens the state of Kosovo is welcomed," said the President of the Albanian National Councilin Serbia, Ragmi Mustafi. /