US Ambassador Reassures DP's Basha of Her Support against Berisha

As soon as the US Ambassador, Yuri Kim came back on Friday from Washington, D.C. where she had an opportunity to talk with leaders across all the various agencies, including State, the White House, Justice Department and elsewhere, she thought it was extremely important to go directly to the Democratic Party (DP) to share with them what she learned in Washington.

This was announced by her in a.statement released by the US Embassy on Friday.

Ambassador Kim said she had the chance to brief all of hee bosses and colleagues on the situation in Albania.

She told Chairman Lulzim Basha that Washington remains committed to working even more closely with the Democratic Party.

"As everyone knows, the United States government has always had a very strong, special relationship with the Democratic Party right from the beginning. We were there with the Democratic Party when it took power for the first time, and we hope to be in a position once again to celebrate when it takes power again," Ambassador said without mentioning its founder Sali Berisha who was the protege of the US as he became the first President of Albania.

"We are all well aware that this is a difficult moment for the Democratic Party, but it is a moment of transition, it is an opportunity and our hope as the U.S. is that the Democratic Party will emerge stronger, that it will emerge united, and that it once again be in a position to win elections," Kim said hinting on the dispute between Berisha and Basha who has now Washington's support.

Further on she said the US was dead serious about the fight against corruption and impunity, attacking that problem wherever they find it, regardless of rank, position or party.

"Now, I have seen some disturbing reports that, what has happened in terms of our designation, is somehow an attack on Albania’s sovereignty. It is factually wrong, and it is offensive. I would remind everyone that on May 6, 1919, when the rest of the world wanted Albania to disappear, the United States, President Wilson was the one who spoke up and said that Albania should be independent," said the Ambassador. "The only change to that statement, that we have added on, is that Albania should not only be independent, but that it should be sovereign and democratic. So, for those who have attempted to place the United States opposite to the people of Albania, I would say “You are wrong!” The Albanian people know that you are wrong! Our position on this issue of Albania’s independence, sovereignty and democracy will never change, our position on the importance of the Democratic Party will never change."

In addition she said there is a lot of work to be done in the days, and weeks, and months ahead and it is essential and it is great that the Democratic Party is back in Parliament in full force.

"All of this requires a strong, united, Democratic Party that is moving forward, you cannot move forward with one foot stuck in the past. So, as always, we look forward to continue to move forward with Albania, with the Albanian people, with the Democratic Party, we want to look to the future," said Kim. /