US President Ignores Kosovo-Belgrade Dialogue, Says US Ex- Special Envoy Grenell

Richard Grenell, the former special envoy of former US President Donald Trump for the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue has reacted to the speech made at the General Assembly of the United Nations by President Joe Biden on Tuesday.

The regular autumn's plenary session of GA of the UN started in New York on Tuesday where it is reported that PM Edi Rama heads the Albanian delegation.

Grenell wrote on Twitter that Biden did not mention Kosovo-Serbia dialogue in his key speech at all.

Below is full note of Grenell posted on Twitter on Tuesday:

"Joe Biden fails to even mention the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue in his UN speech.

It is clearly not a priority for this White House to partner with the Balkans in any way."

Economic accords were signed at the White House by Kosovo and Serbia highest authorities in presence of Trump

last September, but none of them has been carried out.

The only one is the implementation of the accord on the recognition of Kosovo by Israel, and Kosovo has pledged to open its embassy in Jerusalem.