Vucic Says Turkey Is a Friend of Serbia After Meeting Erdogan in Istanbul

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan supports the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue and believes that reaching a compromise solution is important, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Saturday after meeting with Erdogan in Istanbul.
Asked by reporters if the meeting had addressed the Belgrade-Pristina relations, Vucic said they had talked about that subject, as well as about the entire region.
β€œIt is important that the Turkish president supports the dialogue and believes that reaching a compromise solution is important,” Vucic said as quoted by Tanjug.
When asked what subjects had been discussed the most, Vucic responded that the two countries had many economic topics in common, but that politics and the situation in the region had been discussed as well.
β€œWhen you speak with someone for over two hours, it is clear that you have covered all the topics. I am satisfied, any conversation with Erdogan is always useful,” Vucic said.
Vucic added that they had also discussed matters he was unable to share with the public but were important for Serbia.
Turkey is a friend of Serbia and I am confident the relations between the two countries could be even better, Vucic said.
He announced Erdogan was expected to make an official visit to Serbia by the end of the year.
Good relations between Serbia and Turkey are a condition for maintaining stability in the region, Vucic said.
In the meantime he said Kosovo would profit if it joined the Open Balkans initiative.
Vucic admitted that Serbia would benefit from the initiative but even Albania and North Macedonia which participate in it would profit from that project.
Kosovo, Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina reject it. /