72nd anniversary of PR of China/ From Misery to the Second Most Powerful Power in the World!

Today, October 1, the Chinese people and its friendly people worldwide, including Albania, celebrate the epochal day of the founding of the People's Republic of China.

72 years have passed since October 1, 1949 and it is an event that the great Chinese people have reason to be proud of the great achievements in all fields and the dignity they enjoy all over the world. From extreme poverty to the second most powerful country in the world 1.4 billion citizens of China have reason to be proud but also to work diligently and committed to greater achievements.

The eradication of extreme poverty throughout the country, including the poor in the smallest groups of national minorities, is an exemplary realization of human rights, a challenge to some countries that behave as guardians of democracy.

China reached the planet Mars marking a historic success in space exploration expressing the readiness to cooperate with the entire mankind in this field and others.

New China with a history of more than 5000 years has gained the deserved authority by becoming an important factor in maintaining global equilibrium and protecting humankind from hegemony and dictat of the strongest.

Its contribution to developing countries has taken on humanitarian values ​​in the fight against the pandemic. Meanwhile, it's word has important weight in the world community and the role it plays in the UN, where she regained its rightful place 50 years ago with the contribution of some prominent Albanian diplomats, are guarantees for peace and stability in the world. But as global social products, the One Belt, One Road megaproject and anti-Covid vaccines are the cornerstones of a spirit of common solidarity shown by China with deeds rather than words for the international community.

In the congratulatory speech on the occasion of the 72nd anniversary of the founding of People's Republic of China Ambassador Zhou Ding to Tirana among others said Sino-Albanian friendship is old. "We have friends in this world, we are strongly connected with them. No matter how far we are, like close neighbors we have them."

This expression, according to him, is a description of the special feeling of the Chinese people towards the Albanian people.

"In the last century, China helped Albania build over 100 major projects, which made significant contributions to Albania 's development," Zhou said. Further on he noted China will not forget Albania's support for the restoration of the legitimate seat of PR of China at the UN 50 years ago. In addition, the Ambassador said China was among the first countries to donate test kits and medical supplies, as well as exchange experiences in controlling and treating the pandemic with Albania. "The Chinese vaccine has played an important role in the Albanian fight against the pandemic."

China continues to be Albania's main partner in trade and investment, he said adding that despite the pandemic shocks, bilateral trade volume in January-July increased 31.7% more than the same period last year. In the meantime Ambassador Zhou said goods exported from Albania to China are more diverse, and the bilateral trade structure is more balanced.

"Cooperation between China and Central and Eastern Europe continues to promote the deepening of cooperation with mutual benefits between China and Albania in the field of trade, investment, education, health, etc.," said Chinese Ambassador to Tirana Zhou Ding. / Argumentum.al