Albanian-American Politician Kokalari Rebuffs DP's Basha

The Albanian American activist in the Republican Party, Evi Kokalari living in the US turned down the charges against her by the current Democratic Party chairman, Lulzim Basha in a talk show on a local TV on Thursday.
"Lulzim Basha does not scare me. I will speak in the American Congress on Basha so that he will be investigated," she said.
DP has filed a lawsuit against Kokalari about the accusations she made against Basha in Durres on Wednesday during a meeting of the veteran DP leader, Sali Berisha in the frame of the so called tour Foltore.
"I presented the right and I have felt the pain of the right, both in America and here. I told Berisha that if you have an idol, you have Reagan and you tell me that I am of the center right. Reagan was a real right, because otherwise the opposition would be weakened here, the right is like that, there is no central right. The file that Basha has was used to make the grave for Berisha. Berisha's departure upset the whole right, made me still take action. I will go to the American congressmen and explain to them what happened and how the photo with Donald Trump was used."
In conclusion she said: "I have a friend (US Ambassador) Yuri Kim and I defend Berisha, and Kim does not have to impose on me what I think." /