Albanian satellites to monitor waste situation in this Balkans country

Prime Minister Edi Rama said in a meeting with the mayors of Albania on Friday that the satellite Albania 1 will help for information on the situation of waste.

"Do not forget that we will launch the satellite in March and the satellite will give us, among many other information, the situation of the waste," said Rama who has recently announced that two satellites will be launched into space by Albania next year.

"Every landfill will be part of the satellites' job of informing. We will not need those who act as inspectors. Each of you will have a view on the table, which will help us against abuse," the government head said.

According to him, any data will be in real time, so that there will no longer be needed brokers and realtors who close their eyes to the waste to get a tip.

"Certainly the satellite can not do the cleaning and administration. These are made by a figure in the territory who is the mayor", said Rama./