Albania's former RTSH director Thoma Gellci and 3 employees detained under corruption charges

The Special Prosecution against Crime and Corruption known as  SPAK has arrested the former director of the Albanian Public Radio and Television of Albania, Thoma Gëllçi, and three employees of this institution under the charge of corruption with a tender worth 86 million ALL without VAT.

In a press release issued on Friday, SPAK stated that the investigation had shown that "Thoma Gëllçi, acting General Director of the Albanian Radio Television, has committed legal violations in this procurement procedure, violations qualified in the elements of the criminal offense" Abuse of duty ” provided by Article 248 of the Criminal Code”.

The tender was conducted in 2019, and was related to the purchase of equipment for TV Agro,  and it is suspected that officials violated the procedure.

According to the SPAK investigations, it turns out that the violations were committed in the open procedure tender during which the arrested persons turn out to have favored in this procedure and did not have a fair competition.

Gëllçi, who lived in the US and was a pick up in that post by PM Edi Rama, and the three employees of TVSH, Julian Tapia, Alban Malaveci dhe Ervin Muraj, did not accept the accusations, opposing them, but within 72 hours they will have to appear before the justice authorities to give account for charges.

Asked on this event on a local TV talk show on Friday evening, PM Edi Rama said  he did not know anything on Gellci's arrest as he had just learned on that news.

"I didn't know. I am learning about it right now," said the government head.