Astrophysicist astonished by Rama's space scheme as Albania does not have experts on earth

"If we want to invest in a hurry without having people, it seems science fiction to me," said Hafizi.

But even if the prime minister's plan becomes a reality, buying satellites costs money based on their weight and the distance they will be carried from the ground. Satellites are launched by specialized companies that use powerful and costly rockets that send satellites into orbit.

"Only a few seconds are needed for our small Albania to be monitored by satellites," said the astrophysicist who added that the function of the satellites will not have any benefit compared to the short time of their monitoring and the cost of the project.

If Rama sends static satellites into orbit, Hafizi considers this a beautiful and extremely expensive dream. But can Albania become the leading country in the region with two satellites in space? To the question why other countries do not have satellites, she answered: “Yes, they are smart. If we want to spend the whole budget."

Speaking on the management of the energy crisis and monitoring of the territory of the country, Prime Minister Edi Rama stated in Parliament on Thursday that Albania will send into orbit two satellites, named "Albania 1 and Albania 2",  starting from next year.

On Friday during a press statement Rama said that Albania will have these satellites very soon. /