Berisha announced that DP Assembly to be held on December 11

The veteran leader of the right- wing Democratic Party (DP) has announced at the meeting with supporters in Lezha, northern Albania, that the PD Assembly will be held on December 11 this year.

"On December 11, I will hold the national assembly of the Democratic Party," said Berisha in the Foltore event on Friday.

A few days after announcing his candidacy for  DP chairman, Berisha pledged that he would revive the DP as before, saying that he would return it to power.

From "Foltore" in Lezha, Berisha said that he and the Democrats will establish better relations with the US and the EU. The historical leader of the Democratic Party also mentioned once again Basha's decision to expel him from the Parliamentary Group, saying that if this decision was taken by the forums, he would have respected it.

"If the decision was made by convening the National Council, voting in the National Council, I would absolutely accept any decision. He made the decision without asking anyone, as those who hold him hostage did not allow him to take your opinion. They knew you have your character, you are free people and you are not sold and bought. So he did not dare to take the issue to the National Council," he said.

In addition Berisha told the participants not to listen to them, because he and the Democrats will not only raise the DP, but will lead it to power.

"We will also establish better relations with the EU and the US. To label us as anti-Americans they are more ridiculous than any character .. America is of great values, of free vote, of sovereignty," said Berisha. /