Berisha calls on Democrats to prepare for the ‘Final Victorious Struggle’ to Democracy through powerful protests in Albania

In his seventh leg of the tour of conversation with the Democratic Party grassroots so called ‘Foltore’ in the city of Elbasan on Friday the DP founder and veteran leader, Sali Berisha denounced the performance of the Socialist government headed by Prime Minister Edi Rama stating that Albania has returned to a hopeless land, while citizens see no other way but to leave the country.

According to Berisha, businesses are in difficult days, while citizens have even lower salaries than in Kosovo. He added that on the other hand the government has abused 5 billion euros, which have ended up in the pockets of government officials and clients close to the government.

"This regime that has been installed in Albania has only one name, banditocracy, or kakistocracy. Edi Rama and his regime have turned Albania and the Albanians into the black sheep of the Balkans and Europe, from a blessed land to a hopeless land, from where young people leave and only leave,” Berisha told hundreds of democrats among whom the Deputy of Elbasan, Luciano Boci and other senior officials of this opposition force, who among others shouted ‘Rama Go!’ and ‘Basha Go!’

Further on Berisha said that his undertaking is to restore sovereignty of the Democratic Party for its members to be free in their vote rather than abide by the orders of the chairman Lulzim Basha who hates members’ vote. The question is to make DP stronger to come to power. He revealed that Socialist propaganda is doing the utmost to protect their hostage, Basha supporting him in his line of not voting in the DP institutions.

The Assembly to be convened can be called the event of the re-foundation of the Democratic Party because the free vote will be prevalent, he said. The process of the collections of votes to convene the Assembly continues and according to the DP Statute 1,500 signatures are needed.

“This struggle is to unite, and all democrats can join the initiative,” said Berisha, who hinted at many figures which have abandoned the party during the current chairmanship.

In the meantime the former PM Berisha warned again Rama not to play with the political pluralism in Albania. He accused Rama of using terror against the people and in this frame he mentioned the alarm raised by him on the ‘energy emergency’ to exert terror on the people. In addition Berisha accused the premier of stealing the money generated by the selling of the electricity of the Drini cascade.

“We should prepare for the most powerful protests which have ever happened in Albania. Edi Rama, you must know very well that when we rise up we will throw you away. Do not play with the daily bread of the people,” said Berisha who invited the democrats to prepare for the final victorious battle.

Asked by participants Berisha said that the decision of the US State Secretary Blinken to declare him personal non grata was his personal matter. He unveiled that he has not used DP in this issue because he has filed a lawsuit against Blinken for slander with a French court.

It is noted that there were repeated calls for the return of Berisha to the helm of the DP by the participants in the meeting of Elbasan like it had happened in the previous meetings earlier. According to the declared schedule of ‘Foltore’, Berisha will hold five other meetings, and a decision is expected on the future of the DP by the Assembly. /