Berisha declares his decisive return will be the best time with Democrats

"I have decided to return at a moment when I have got a blow without any facts, without any basis except for a primitive revenge of Soros and Edi Rama,” the veteran leader of the Democratic Party (DP), Sali Berisha told the participants of the meeting in the frame of Foltore in the northeastern town of Kukes on Tuesday.

Berisha was expelled from the parliamentary group of DP by the current party chairman, Lulzim Basha under the claim that such a thing was dictated by the US Embassy following the decision of the US State Secretary, Blinken to declare Berisha and his family persona non grata.

Not accepting the charges of corruption under which his family and he were punished Berisha has filed a lawsuit against Blinken accusing him of slander. The lawsuit has been filed with a French court.

Berisha said such a punishment was undertaken against him by the billionaire Soros who is a close associate of PM Edi Rama. "I have faced Soros, a sworn enemy of democracy in Albania, but also of the nation." In the meantime, he said that Soros supported Milosevic's processes for the partition of Kosovo and did everything in the absolute interest of the Serb PM Aleksandar Vucic.

"What else had I done?" I had denounced the seizure of justice. So I decided to come back with the greatest determination ever," said Berisha.

"Never in history has a man, who was out of leadership for 8 years, been declared non grata. A man who has never been confronted or charged by a court, both at home and abroad, has never been declared non grata. A man has never been declared non grata three weeks after his political force lost the election. However, I have taken my case to court keeping it a personal matter, but the request not to enter parliament has never been accepted by me. The day I was declared ‘non grata’ I said to myself what I had done and I remembered all the things. I also said that I will return to protect the interests of Albanians," said Berisha.

He pledged that this battle was being carried with all his dedication, confidence, power and what he believed. Berisha declared that he was more determined than ever for his return which he considered as the best time he would have with Democrats.

Berisha also commented in Kukës on the decision of Basha to expel the Kukes MP, Flamur Noka. "A terrible thing has happened to the former chairman. He is terribly afraid of you,” said the veteran DP leader.

In the meantime he said that Rama hated the northerners greatly and an expression of it was the lack of investments in the areas where they live.

Further on Berisha said that the grassroots Foltore tour is taking place at critical moments for the country, at a time when a man who has gone through these 8 years from scandal to scandal, has turned Albania into the black sheep in the region and the most hopeless country on the planet through his rule.

"Since the time of (late communist dictator) Enver Hoxha until today, Albanians have not had an anti-human prime minister like Edi Rama. However, this gentleman starts his third term after he has become a blind vassal of Belgrade," said Berisha.

"We as DP are in a difficult situation, but we are in a situation of powerful revival," he said, adding that this battle is a battle for their dignity, for the sovereignty of the Democratic Party. “Our goal is to unite values, beliefs, courage, to unite the best with the best we are and we want to restore democracy in Albania,” Berisha declared.

The next leg of Foltore will be in the city of Korca, southeastern Albania, on Friday. /