Brussels says ‘No’ date for intergovernmental talks, Albania pushes to start them…

Regardless of the stance of the EU expressed in the Declaration of the Brdo Summit on October 6, 2021 that there is no date for the start of the intergovernmental talks of the Union with Albania and North Macedonia, the chief negotiator for the integration of the country in the EU, Ambassador Zef Mazi informed authorities in Helsinki, Finland, that the conference should be held as soon as possible.

Mazi, who is on an official visit to Helsinki, met with Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto, with whom he exchanged views on a number of important issues, such as regional cooperation, decisions on the negotiating framework for Albania and the stalemate of the first intergovernmental conference and the blocking of the progress due to the dispute between Bulgaria and North Macedonia, etc.

"Albania's clear position was presented to the minister once again, including the arguments why the conference should be held as soon as possible, why the dispute should be resolved urgently and how long Albania should be held hostage, when it has nothing to do with this. The only alternative is to continue the integration process," the statement said.

Minister Haavisto confirmed the understanding of the Finnish side and its support for Albania to meet all the requirements of the Council for holding the conference.

"Finland's position has been and is a clear supporter of continuing the enlargement process without wasting any more time with Albania. Albania has met the requirements," declared Haavisto.

Furthermore, the statement noted that they exchanged views on increasing and strengthening cooperation in other areas, such as education, agriculture, tourism, law enforcement institutions, etc.

The Chief Negotiator also held meetings with other senior officials of that country.

One question remains unclear: have the Albanian diplomacy understood that Brussels has set no date for opening the talks with Albania sealing it at Brdo Summit? Wouldn't it have been better for it to work on other profitable issues for Albanians because Prime Minister Edi Rama has warned Albania’s energy doomsday? /