Civil Society in Second Protest Calling on Citizens to Fight for Their Rights in Albania

Despite the rainy weather hundreds of activists of the civil society and ordinary citizens held the second protest as announced to denounce the price increases of many elementary goods like bread, food, fuels and call for the protection of their rights in Tirana on Monday.

Adriatik Lapaj, one of the citizens who called on social networks for the protest, said that they have a first success, as the Prime Minister announced that there will be no increase in electricity for families and small businesses. He further added that they will be in the squares until their demands are met.

"The prime minister reflected on electricity, but that is not enough. Today we are also against the price of bread, basket food goods, fuel, but also to raise the voice for meritocracy, for social justice and to demand the end the protracted transition in this country where its citizens are divided into two camps," he said, adding that every citizen who feels he should protest, let him do it. "Our mission is to raise citizens’ awareness  to react for themselves," he said.

The artist, Florian Binaj was among the protesters and he called on everyone to unite in the square, because the cause they are defending belongs to everyone. "Come on, protest. I call on artists, come and protest for the citizens because they do not like their followers on Instagram. We all love Albania as Europe, but we only have oil as Europe. Let us gather to develop this country and not all of us walk with that expression 'thank goodness the bird shitted on bringing luck’," said Binaj.

Civil society activist Ervin Goci said that they should be in the square every day and protest, until the issues are resolved.

"We are waging war because this is a crisis. We demand transparency, where are the public companies today? Public companies have three years without announcing balance sheets. Why have they spent 500 million ALL for washing car windows in recent weeks? We need transparency, emergency measures," said Goci.

Another protester said that Albanians have come together for their rights and will protest until the price situation normalizes. /