Court rules ex- RTSH Director Thoma Gëllçi to stay behind bars

Former director general of Albania's RTSH Thoma Gëllçi and members of the commission who were arrested a few days ago for corruption regarding an irregular tender have been left in prison by the Court of Appeals in the Special Court (GJKKO).
The Special Court of Appeals for Corruption and Organized Crime, pursuant to the relevant law, decided to approve the decision of the Special Court of First Instance for Corruption and Organized Crime, according to the decision given by judge Saida Dollani.
It was a tender worth over 86 million ALL for the purchase of equipment for the channel "RTSH Agro" that led to the handcuffing of the former director of RTSH Thoma Gëllçi together with 3 former members of the Bid Evaluation Commission.
The violations were initially reported by the losing company and then ascertained by an audit of the Supreme State Audit. The former Director of RTSH, a well known friend of the brother of PM Edi Rama, is accused of intentionally committing actions that are contrary to the law by consuming the elements of the criminal offense of "Abuse of Duty". The other 3 employees are charged with violating the equality of participants in tenders conducted in cooperation.
After the arrest, Gëllçi continued the battle in the Administrative Court with the Albanian Radio Television, calling the dismissal unfair. In addition to the compensation for unfairly dismissal, according to him, the former director of RTSH also demands the opening of the competition for the new director of Albania's national radio television.