Cuci on Veliu’s Dismissal: When all lantern’s oil is burned or not!”

It is veiled with mysteriousness if the General Director of Police, Ardi Veliu is dismissed or not. Local media reported on the eventual dismissal linking it with the assassination of the deputy commissar Saimir Hoxha in an anti-canabis operation in Lezha, northern Albania, last week.

Amidst such a hearsay the opposition deputy Luan Baci asked the Interior Minister, Bledi Cuci if the dismissal of Veliu was true or not. He insisted on it saying that the deputies are very much interested in this question.

The dismissal of Veliu has been demanded by the opposition as the key figure in the manipulation of the April 25 general elections.

The interior minister who was taking part in the meeting of the Security Committee on Tuesday avoided a direct answer but his answer can be considered as the ‘saying of the day’ and is below: “You will learn it at the right moment when all the oil of the lantern is burned or not!”

Anyway it does not seem a dignified answer for a minister when it is such an important issue and the dismissal has to do with a close colleague of his who has been praised as the best top police of the Socialist governance. /