Democrat deputy Alizoti raises alarm that DP is on fire

Another Democratic Party (DP) MP has come out openly in support of the tour of meetings of veteran leader Sali Berisha with the Democrat rank-and-file under the motto Foltore, the next leg of which will be held in the town of Kavaja on Tuesday.

During the meeting of the DP parliamentary group held on Monday, an influential figure in the party, Tomor Alizoti said that 'DP is in crisis', while adding that 'not participating in the Foltore' is bringing costs to the elected as democratic membership is revolted by them, confirmed sources for Syri Tv and on Monday.

"DP is in a deep crisis. We cannot pretend not to see it. It costs us not to be in the events of Foltore, because the Democrats are revolted with us. This crisis must be resolved. The party is suffering. Without resolving this crisis any discussion is worthless as the ship is on fire," said Alizoti, adding that the crisis is so huge that the existence of this party is endangered.

MP Flamur Noka also became part of the debate in the meeting of the parliamentary group, who was dismissed from the function of the deputy chairman of the parliamentary Security Committee according to a decision of DP chairman Lulzim Basha.

It is reported that Noka has accused Basha of following Byzantine methods in the DP, while he has also said that Basha attacks only Berisha and Foltore, but not Prime Minister Edi Rama. "The bastion of your bunker only attacks Berisha and Foltore and not Rama. Exceptions have been made against the statute. You are turning the party from being Democratic into Byzantine," said Flamur Noka.

Other MPs like Albana Vokshi and Tritan Shehu have also attacked Basha, reminding him that with the expulsions and persecutions of MPs and Democrats, he is leading the DP to destruction. /