Deputy PM unveils a scheme on energy price increases will be released

Albanians will be informed on a platform of measures supposed to protect families and small business from the global energy crisis within the next 48 hours and it will guarantee uninterrupted power supply

This was declared by the Deputy Premier, Arben Ahmetaj during the plenary session of the Parliament on Thursday. He invited the opposition to make its contribution to resolving the difficult problems Albania is going through.

"The energy crisis has affected the whole world. We have not increased energy prices here. Wait 48 hours and an ambitious plan will be presented and I invite you (opposition) to support it," said Ahmetaj.

"It is not VAT that protects citizens from price increases. What the government is doing is to keep the subsidized prices and take regulatory measures to guarantee the protection of the needy families, the small enterprises that generate employment and to guarantee an uninterrupted supply of energy," Ahmetaj responded to the opposition's accusations of increased poverty in Albania in Thursday’s plenary session in Parliament.

Civil society organized a protest on Wednesday warning the government against its scheme to increase the energy prices and pledging the wave of protests will continue with the next one on Monday next week.

Ahmetaj also stated that 3 million vaccines will have arrived in the country by the end of this year. "The responsibility of the majority is seen in the purchase of vaccines before anyone else in the region. Unfortunately, fatalities were present, but much lower than in many countries, both in the region and the world," said the number two of the government.

Regarding the accusations on poverty, Ahmetaj said that the situation is not rosy, but the debate should be put in context and the figures do not say that.

"Albanians are told that they became poorer, but small savings have increased. Credit also increases for the first time up to 7%. It must be said that we also have economic growth. The World Bank report has been released. It considers Albania with the highest growth in the region thanks to the work, the measures for entrepreneurship, which we supported,"he declared. /