DP Deputy says ‘no make – up’ can overthrow PM Rama

Democratic Party lawmaker Edi Paloka reacted after Rama's statements who called DP members a waste of the Party of Labor Albania (PLA) which ruled Albania for five decades under the communist rule.

Socialist Party of Rama was founded as a continuation of the PLA in the early 1990s and its leadership was made up of former communists year after year. Rama’s late father has been one of the highest leaders in the communist cupola.

Paloka said on Thursday that Rama should not be opposed with advice but with the use of force.

"I am surprised by the wonder of those who expected Rama to have changed…! For this reason I said  in that (parliamentary) hall in the first day: 'Words have no value with these anymore'. They just have to be overthrown. This should be the only objective of the opposition,” said Paloka.

Further on, the DP deputy said the current regime cannot be improved by opposition advice. “Rama's face should be broken rather than use 'make-up!” wrote Edi Paloka in his post on social networks on Thursday.

In the meantime the tour of meetings under the motto Foltore undertaken by the veteran leader of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha will continue and its seventh leg is the city of Elbasan on Friday. Its aim is to denounce the current DP chairman, Lulzim Basha for having turned into a blind means of supporting the government of Edi Rama and to tell democrats that Rama is the cause of the aggravating poverty in Albania.

There are some deputies among whom Edi Paloka, Nard Ndoka, Tritan Shehu etc. who support Berisha’s initiative. /argumentum.al