DP veteran leader reiterates call for collection of signatures to convene party Assembly

Former Prime Minister Sali Berisha said that the mission of his so-called Foltore movement, a conversation tour with the Democratic Party (DP) grassroots, is to save political pluralism and the DP itself.

The sixth leg of his tour was Gjirokastra, southern Albania, on Wednesday, while the next one will be the city of Elbasan.

"We are called to a new mission, to a great mission, to the mission to save political pluralism, democracy and the Democratic Party. History is history, but political pluralism was founded by us. The day we founded the DP is also the day of the establishment of political pluralism in Albania,” Berisha told his followers. Former president Bujar Nishani and some other senior officials of the DP were present in the meeting.

According to Berisha, after 30 years there is a more corrupt and anti-Albanian government, the government of the darkest records since the dictatorship of Enver Hoxha until today in Albania. "Today we have a government which made Albanians the worst paid citizens of this region in 8 years, while the same statistic showed that they were better paid 8 years ago," said Berisha.

In the meantime, he denounced the warnings over the energy crisis made by PM Edi Rama. He explained that any crisis is generated by a government which steals the people.

All this is happening against the background of the stance of the current DP head, Lulzim Basha who has turned himself into the means of Rama being used against people’s interest, said the DP veteran leader.

Further on Berisha said that Basha is afraid of the vote and DP, according to Basha, has no statute, no bodies, and there is no vote. “This is an attempt by Basha to kill pluralism in Albania.”

Berisha demands the convening of the DP Assembly which should restore the dignity and sovereignty of this party, and in this frame he reiterated the call for collecting signatures to convene the Assembly. Berisha undertook the ongoing tour after Basha expelled him from the DP parliamentary group under the pretext that the US has demanded this as Berisha is declared persona non grata by the State Department. / Argumentum.al