DP Veteran Leader Tells Supporters in Berat He Is Ready to Take DP’s Helm, Calls for Massive Anti-Rama Protests

"Sali Berisha is indisputably open as I stated on May 20 for every task in the Constitutional sphere, including the chairman of the Democratic Party. It is up to the membership to elect its chairman, "declared the veteran leader of the Democratic Party (DP), Sali Berisha.

Berisha made that announcement at the 11th meeting with rank-and-file members of the DP in the southern city of Berat which was held on Friday as part of his tour so called Foltore where his supporters insisted on that move calling for the expulsion of the current DP head, Lulzim Basha who was appointed in that post due to Berisha’s support.

The former premier also said that every vote in the DP will be counted with transparency, restoring the system before 2013, when there was no manipulation of the process within the party.

"Before 2013, the issue of vote manipulation in the DP never existed. There is no more golden mechanism to stay together than a fairly counted vote. Everyone will have the full right to have representatives, and check every vote… Do not have any doubts. Every vote counts, every vote counts, every vote counts!" he said.

In the meantime Berisha said that nothing stopped Democrats and next week they will announce the date for the meeting of the National Assembly of the largest right wing political force something which has been opposed by Basha who has threatened that no Assembly could be held.

"Next week we will announce the date for the meeting of the National Assembly. We will gather according to the statutory law to give the DP the best statutory norms it deserves. To determine by referendum not only the chairman,” said Berisha.

The DP’s historical leader also stated that so far over 50 percent of the delegates have signed for the convening of the Assembly.

In addition he told the democratic militants of the city of Berat that his goal is to return the Democratic Party to where it belongs through the Foltore rallies.

In the meantime the former DP leader warned of strong protests, as never before, aimed at ousting Prime Minister Edi Rama and returning the DP as the main force in Albania. "It's not too late to defend what you believe. I am among you with the main goal of bringing back together the ideals and power of the DP. Give it back its vote, its self-confidence. Let’s prepare it in a tooth-to-tooth battle with Edi Rama. Those whose votes are violated can protest. So I am here with you with full confidence in every democrat to prepare for protests that Albania has never seen. We do not deserve our vote to be violated. We will become free citizens. For now, Edi Rama has taken Basha hostage, who after being elected forgot all your interests and has been caught by a fear and horror from you. He does not belong to any of you.”

According to him, those who are not in this hall and consider themselves supporters of Basha, but are also supporters of the DP, can join because they support a man who has led DP from loss to loss. He has recorded 4 losses in a row and has surrendered in front of 4 unfinished battles . He should open the way!", Said Berisha.

The next Foltore meeting will be held in Kavaja, central Albania, on Tuesday. /argumentum.al