DP's Basha determined as never before to end transition in Albania

None will prevent Democratic Party (DP) to clean up politics, has declared the chairman of the largest opposition party, Lulzim Basha, according to whom he will end the transition in Albania once and for all.

Basha said this in Parliament's plenary session on Monday pledging that he will not be hindered even by those who make the opposition from within the opposition, referring to his critics lined up with veteran DP leader Sali Berisha who want his resignation.

"However, I know that it is not enough to talk about corruption and denounce it. It must be defeated. Therefore, 5 days ago, the Democratic Party officially submitted to the Albanian Parliament the constitutional amendments regarding 3 absolute priorities to get Albania and Albanians out of depression, crisis and miserable situation, product of eight years of misgovernment, corruption and destruction of any institution, including the institution of free voting," declared Basha.

According to him, these three main issues reflected in the DP constitutional amendments relate to Electoral Reform in all its aspects to return Albania to the rails of legitimacy and democracy; to the Territorial Reform to undo the catastrophic failure of the electoral reform, which took away from the Albanians 25 years of slow progress in establishing the decentralization of local government.

"The fierce opponents are those who risk staying in this hall. But this will not stop us. We will not stop even those who have the opposition as a national sport, who have been making a fuss for three decades. None of this will not be a point of importance for me and the DP. These are not priorities of the DP but of the citizens who want to end the link between politics and crime. Therefore, this parliament must take a stand," said Basha./ Argumentum.al