DP’s Basha speaks to US Senate delegation on April 25 election manipulations, Nishani calls him a votes’ robber

Albanian democracy and developments in the region were among the issues discussed at a meeting between the chairman of the Democratic Party (DP), Lulzim Basha, and US Senate delegations in Tirana on Thursday.

In a press conference after the 30-minute meeting with the US senators Robert Karem, Paul Groce, Mike Levine, Alex MacFarlane dhe Tobei Arai, who were accompanied by the Ambassador Yuri Kim, Basha accused Rama of manipulating and stealing the April 25 elections.

According to him, there were two main issues they talked about, one that had to do with Albanian democracy, the crossroads where it is after the April 25 election massacre. He pointed out that he had talked about the role of the DP and the opposition in parliament and cooperation with all forces of Albanian society and US assistance to return Albania to the rails of democracy and rule of law.

Further on Basha said that the other issue discussed had to do with the region in terms of the situation provoked by the resurgence of Serbian hegemonic plans through processes like that of Novi Sad and the need to strengthen the US political presence to stop any non-Western offensive. "The friends were also interested in the issue of EU membership and the confusion created between the non-performance of the Balkan autocrats, starting with that of Tirana, and the need for the EU to say things clearly," Basha said.

In a comment on what Basha told the media the former President, Bujar Nishani said in a post on social networks on Thursday that Basha has robbed the votes within the DP, annihilated the free vote and the right to run in his party where there is no race.

"Basha is the most inappropriate person to talk about election standards, as he is the most ugly manipulator and robber of elections within the DP and the man who destroyed the free vote and the race," said Nishani.

"When L. Basha talks about democratic standards to representatives from the US, he insults the foundation of freedom and the dimension of American democracy," concluded Nishani.  / Argumentum.al