DP’s Basha tells Albanians there is no energy crisis but corruption and mismanagement

It is not about the energy crisis, but about corruption and mismanagement of the energy system in Albania. This was the response of the chairman of the opposition Democratic Party (DP), Lulzim Basha to the decision of Premier Edi Rama on declaring an emergency situation due to expected power shortages in a news conference on Friday.

According to Basha, Rama behaved in front of journalists not as prime minister, but as a lawyer for clients with whom he is looting Albania and its resources. "He tried to compare Albania with other countries, but there is no parallelism. Even the megalomaniacal attempt to mourn the loser, to justify what he plans to do with the price of energy here, in one of the poorest countries, is a scheme aiming at misinforming the public opinion that price increases are inevitable," Basha said.

But the DP chairman rejected Rama’s presentation and measures saying this is not an energy crisis, but a crisis of corruption and mismanagement with cause and plan. “OSHE and KESH are companies immersed in corruption and clientelism. They are a group of patronagists and party militants who do not serve the interests of the citizens," he said.

For the first time, Basha mentioned protests as part of the means to oppose the measures expected to be taken by Rama, who announced that the scheme of the price increases will be unveiled on Saturday.

Basha did not accept to answer questions on the internal situation in DP as the veteran leader Sali Berisha is engaged in a tour of meetings with party grassroots to denounce the current DP head as being held hostage by the PM, Rama.

Basha has not responded to the accusations of Berisha and his supporters by failing to go to the party branches in similar meetings to explain his position. / Argumentum.al