DP's Basha very tough with those who oppose him

Chairman of the Democratic Party (DP), Lulzim Basha said in a press conference on Saturday that he will not allow anyone to split the Democratic Party.

Basha made that comment during the press conference on the dismissals within the DP, such as the dismissal of Flamur Noka as deputy chairman of the Parliamentary Security Commission, or the replacement of Luan Ba├ži as chairman of the DP branch in Fier.

"The latest decision was precisely to precede or prevent divisions among Democrats, because no one's personal interests can and will prevail over the interests of the DP," he said.

"If there is a man open to critical thinking, who has the responsibility to lead this party, it's me. One thing is critical thinking and another thing is whether consciously or not to serve Edi Rama or his interests to divide the DP," said Basha.

Earlier he expelled the veteran DP leader, Sali Berisha from party's parliamentary group after designation of the latter by the US State Department as persona non grata.

According to Basha, anyone who is placed in a position that contradicts the interests of the Democrats is called, advised, warned, but if for any reason he continues to abuse with the sacrifice of the Democrats, it is the duty of the chairman to act and it is unforgivable negligence not to act. / argumentum.al