Forced Landing of Small Plane in Northern Albania Veiled with Mystery

A small plane made a forced landing in the area of Vermosh, in Mal√ęsia e Madhe, northern Albania on Monday, Albanian media reported quoting local witnesses.

A local shepherd has seen the whole event and the plane trying to land. He approached the plane when it landed and tried to help the two people on board.

According to the shepherd, the pilot did not respond when asked if he was okay, casting doubt that he may be a foreigner, while the passenger told him "We are fine".

The shepherd then said that a white car went near the place where the small plane landed and took both of them, the pilot and the passenger.

There are suspicions that the plane could have been used to transport narcotics, but no drugs were found in the surrounding area.

So far there is no official announcement on the event although it happened at the border between Albania and Montenegro and crew and passengers have disappeared being taken by a car. /