Former FinMin denounces Rama's model of government for 'comrades and oligarchs '

Prime Minister Edi Rama has created a whole network of patronagist workers, who have the power to fire anyone from work in Albania, said former finance minister Arben Malaj in a talk show on Dritare TV on Monday.

Malaj said the ministers do not speak and the crisis itself is the model of what mentality governs Albania. "Rama asks where the oligarchs are in Albania, while the oligarchs are rich people who are helped by the state," Malaj said.

According to him, crisis management starts from the scheme that people should not be at the mercy of fate. "The ministers should have appeared in the media, but they bow their heads thinking that this country is convinced only by Edi Rama. He has created a whole network of patronagist workers, who have the opportunity to fire anyone. Is this the model of victory? The crisis is the proof of the mentality of this man's rule; he rules with the mentality of the Soviet power, that power belongs only to the Soviets. He forgets that absolute power corrupts absolutely," Malaj, a former key figure in the Socialist Party, stressed.

Further on he said tha Rama had chosen the model of government for 'comrades and oligarchs'.

In addition, Malaj said that Rama, like Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan, travels by private plane, while emphasizing that Turkey has 80 million inhabitants and Albania 3 million.

"Erdogan's personal plane has 80 million inhabitants, Edi Rama has a personal plane with 3 million inhabitants. It is a shame. Where does this money come from?" concluded Malaj. /