Former justice minister sees unfairness by EC in revealing 'unreal' situation in Albania

There are over four years that the reports on Albania prepared by the European Commission (EC) have not been taken into account by anybody whenever their recommendation is positive for this country, said former Minister of Justice Ylli Manjani in a comment on the progress report on Albania compiled annually by EC which was made public on Tuesday.

According to Manjani, this happens because the European Commission does not reflect the real situation in Albania and they are not honest. "Let's clarify what the EC is? They are elected people of the member states to form the European government. They are bureaucrats. And they have a duty to represent the EU in relation to other countries," he said. In his view the EU has become like a club of friends, and the idea is created that by having friends there Albania will go to Europe.
"And when our friends ask us to smash the Constitution, we have to do it to enter Europe. I have been skeptical on this," said Manjani. According to him, the EC is not honest, it is not fair in relation to Albania as it is the author of the Justice Reform. "Now which trader will curse his goods? This commission should monitor the progress of reforms in Albania. We are not helped by this, their behavior, their flattery. The kindness to help Albania has been great, I do not judge it badly, but Albania is helped by being realistic in reasoning and judgment, cold in reading and not with a twinkle in the eye to do some experiments," bsaid the former justice minister, who is very active in unveiling the real situation as he assesses it in Albania. "This is why 3-4 positive recommendations issued by this commission under this conflict of interest, which it has issued for itself, are not taken into account because France says I have other data, the Netherlands, Germany adds 15 conditions. So, this has worsened our relations with the EU and this kind of conflict of interest initiated by us that this is how the government wanted it, this is how Edi Rama wanted it- to use Brussels to do what he wants, and the same thing has happened with Washington. " /