Gratitude to Pfizer which opened its doors to Albania at a critical moment

"This is a special day for the vaccination process because we have the honor and pleasure to welcome the great boss of 'Pfizer', who I can say with great honor that he has become a friend of ours, of Albania," said Prime Minister Edi Rama during the visit to the vaccination center in "Air Albania" accompanying the Executive Director of "Pfizer", Albert Bourla, who is on a visit to Tirana on Monday.

The Prime Minister stressed that "he opened the door for us at the most difficult moment when we went to New York to knock on the door of 'Pfizer' in conditions when we had no clear perspective, as not all countries in the region were included in the scheme of first distribution of vaccines.”

Rama expressed to the head of "Pfizer" once again what he has repeatedly expressed - endless gratitude for this help in protecting the lives of citizens.

The Executive Director of "Pfizer", Albert Bourla, said that "I want to thank the Prime Minister in the first place for the honor he is doing me by staying with me today, as well as for my invitation and the visit to Albania."

The director of "Pfizer" said that for him it was very important to understand that vaccines will be used for citizens and they were happy that they could help Albania. /