Italy closes borders with Albania while PM Rama prepares to fight against viruses from space!!!

Italia has decided to close its borders with Albania due to rising infections in this Balkan country This decision enters into force on October 26 this year and is valid until December 15, reported Italian media relying on an announcement issued by the Health Ministry of that neighboring country.

According to the new instructions, the entry from Albania to Italy and of persons who have traveled during the last 14 days in Albania will be done only for work, health, study, absolute urgency or return to the residence.

Albania has left the list of D countries of the Italian Ministry of Health and has been placed on the list E.

Fatalities have been a misfortune in the country as there are deaths every day which vary from 4 to 13 while the total number of losses of life has mounted to 2,874 the highest mortality rate per capita in Europe since the break of the pandemic. There were four deaths on Sunday while the active cases have mounted to 7032. Another worrying figure is the increase of hospitalized patients when it is October and the peak usually occurs in winter months. There are 164 hospitalized persons out of whom 20 are in serious situations. There are no reports of increased measures to upgrade the situation in the health institutions supposed to cope with Covid-19.

The question of the vaccination goes on with many people rejecting to get the jab, including students. The third dose has been approved for the elderly over 60 starting from November 1. But it is evident that the people are totally ignoring the threat of the pandemic despite the warnings and what is obvious, few, very few citizens wear masks. The government bodies in charge of monitoring the situation do not care at all; they seem to be inexistent across the country although there are lengthy anti- Covid protocols.

Albania itself remains a scapegoat with no restrictions for foreign citizens coming from hard hit countries simply because of economic profit not caring that they are a time bomb of spreading the virus.

For Premier Edi Rama the pandemic and the victims do not seem like a war which is a change of stance when there were very few infections and fatalities and he warned in panic the people that ‘Covid is at everyone’s door’. What is happening with this government head when the virus is playing havoc with people's lives and he keeps daydreaming about travelling into space? In spring of 2020 Rama used to tell people every life is ‘precious’ and even took tanks in the streets at the time of the strict curfew. Is he planning to fight against the pandemic from space using the satellites he intends to throw into orbit in the first half of 2022?  /