It’s confirmed Veliu’s dismissal; there is hearsay that Gledis Nano might be new top police

It was made official the dismissal of the Director of the State Police, Ardi Veliu who, according to local media on Tuesday, said in a letter to the Prime Minister, Edi Rama that he had resigned.

According to the letter which was circulated by Rama on social networks, Veliu said that he had decided not to ask for a second term, but ‘to dedicate himself more to his family’.

In the meantime there is hearsay that his successor for the post of top police will be Gledis Nano, who currently holds the position of Director of Anti-Terrorism in the State Police.

Nano has been one of the most involved State Police officers in the issue of repatriation of family members of Albanian ISIS fighters, remaining in Syria.

He was honored with an award for this effort by the US Ambassador to Tirana, Yuri Kim.

If we refer to the ‘saying of the day’ of the interior minister on Tuesday morning when asked about the dismissal of Veliu the latter’s oil of ‘the lantern’ had burned out!.

In its reaction on this event the Democratic Party said on Tuesday that there is one fewer bandit at the helm of the State Police. According to the opposition, Veliu's removal was a forced step regardless of the long resistance by Edi Rama.  /