Kosovo's PM Kurti downplays threats made against him

Prime Minister of Kosovo Albin Kurti said on Thursday that he doesn’t feel threatened or intimidated in response to Wednesday’s reports that there have been possible threats made in his address. Kurti also noted that the national security bodies are the ones that assess these kinds of situations and undertake further actions in compliance with the given circumstances.

“It’s the state’s mechanisms, who make the assessments about whether or not something said on social media counts as a threat; I can’t possibly follow up on all of them,” said Kurti, during a press conference in Pristina.

On Wednesday, a Facebook user named “Marki Mario” posted to a sales group offering a 50,000 euro payment for the assassination of Prime Minister Kurti.

The spokesperson for the Government of Kosovo, Perparim Kryeziu also stated that Albin Kurti was threatened on Wednesday, which is why the level of awareness of his security team has now been enhanced.

“PM Kurti has received a threat. This is why, as a measure of added attention, his security level has also been enhanced. Investigative and state security agencies are now involved and doing their job. They are making all the necessary assessments and undertaking all applicable measures. On the other hand, the prime minister will continue with his usual engagements,” said the government’s spokesperson.

In the meantime it is reported that the additional soldiers left after a two-hour stay near Kurti’s flat, indicating that special units were not required.

A Kosovo government spokeswoman announced the start of investigations to properly understand the situation and find the culprit. / argumentum.al