Majority-Opposition meet with Ambassador Kim in what is considered U.S.-Albanian partnership transcends partisan politics

The US Ambassador to Albania, Yuri Kim met on Wednesday with leaders of Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Commission, Socialist Party Chairperson Mimi Kodheli and  Democratic Party Deputy Chairperson Tomor Alizoti.

"They discussed the way ahead for strengthening U.S.-Albania cooperation on democracy, defense, and business," said a note posted on Twitter on Wednesday. Ambassador Kim expressed U.S. appreciation for Albania’s exemplary decision to provide temporary safe haven to Afghan evacuees.

About 1000 Afghan refugees have already settled down in this Balkan country whose PM Edi Rama has pledged to welcome 4000 refugees. Neither political parties nor  civil society and ordinary people have been asked about that decision like it happened with more than 4500 Iranian Mujahideen residing on suburbs of Durres.

Kim reiterated U.S. support for Albania’s bid to join the European Union, noting recent statements by Secretary Blinken calling for the opening of negotiations as soon as possible.

"Ambassador Kim, Chairperson Kodheli, and Deputy Chairperson Alizoti agreed to work closely together to advance the implementation of justice reform; strengthen defense cooperation and Albania’s capabilities as a NATO Ally; and increase trade and investment between our two countries. They agreed that, whether in Tirana or Washington, the importance of the U.S.-Albanian partnership transcends partisan politics," said the announcement released by the US Embassy. /