New protest against price increases in Tirana as protesters say they ‘aren’t poor, but looted’

Citizens gathered again in front of the Prime Minister's Office as they had warned to protest on Monday. The protest was held to oppose the increase in prices announced by Prime Minister Edi Rama as a result of the global crisis.

A protester has asked the prime minister to declare the minimum living standard in the country, saying that contracts with oligarchs are the biggest abuses.

The Prime Minister should publicly declare the minimum living standard and the Prime Minister should make public the contracts with the oligarchs, which are the biggest abuses. He must be held accountable for the law he is preparing for the oligarchs. "Why didn’t the Competition Authority impose fines on the flour oligarchs"? asked a citizen.

Also, another citizen, while reacting with criticism to Prime Minister Rama, stressed that the people are poor and that they cannot afford this new wave of price increase as nothing is produced in Albania. He further stressed that Albania is not a poor country, but it is a looted country. "The question is why are we so poor and why we cannot afford a price increase," she said on condition of anonymity.

According to real life evidence, prices of bread and flour related products have recently skyrocketed up to 30 percent. No explanation has been given by the government authority designed to monitor the market prices in Albania. There is no talk about subsidies for the needy and a common question made by ordinary people on social networks is that PM Edi Rama aims at launching satellites into orbit next year but people are getting poorer being the poorest people in Europe. /