Ongoing investigations into massive poisoning of citizens in Kruja

The Minister of Health, Ogerta Manastirliu said that epidemiological investigations had started into the massive poisoning in the town of Kruja where she was to inspect the situation on Tuesday. Although the suspicions are mainly focused on drinking water poisoning, Manastirliu said that several tracks are being probed. Some 370 patients with symptoms of poisoning were admitted to the hospital.

"I came to see closely the health condition of the citizens who receive treatment in the hospital of Kruja. The situation is calm, without complications. We do not have any citizens with a complicated health condition," she said.

According to her, there are about 370 citizens who have been admitted to the hospital where they have received the necessary service. “Today, there are 60 citizens in the hospital. There are already some other patients who are receiving emergency care. Currently there are about 30 citizens. There are also teenagers, children and adults. "

The minister noted that in terms of epidemiological investigation, the structures of the Ministry of Health and the Municipality are conducting all investigations into every possible track.

"Water and food samples have been taken. There are a series of tracks that are being investigated. All citizens are being asked what kind of food they have consumed and we will have a final answer when we have the result of microbiological tests," said Manasterliu.

In conclusion, she said that measures have been taken that if there are more cases, the Durrës hospital can offer a ward to treat patients.

Earlier President Ilir Meta expressed his concern over the situation and advised the relevant institutions to take emergency measures in protection of citizens’ health. /